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The dance art in a sense through his appearance do drawing movements in the space with the human body.

In my view the dance art in his essence to make visible the invisible things. Communication through body language and drawing pictures in the space with the human body. Also to act theatre wordless just by the way of movements and different kind of dance styles and forms.

Looking at the question from an other aspects, the dance art is also kind of way of metacommunication. Manifestation of the human soul in different kind of body movements and motions. The art of the choreography in his essence is mainly to transform thoughts and ideas into dance forms. The dance art is one of the most ancient performing art in the history of the humanity. Besides this also the art of the present and the art of the moment. To be a choreographer or/and a dancer it means that you basically draw „drawings in the sand”.

The movements are sweeps away by the way of the moment right after their birth. When the show is finished the sweeping river of the time sweeps away those pictures drawn by the dance but our memory can save it - not in one case - for a lifetime.

This in itself is a dramatic situation and that drama itself is the theatre.

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